Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Starting something new

I thought I would give blogging a try since I am learning how to express what I am feeling and want to share my life experiences and what those experiences are teaching me. Ladybug Landing is in honor of my daughter Mckenna.


  1. I think it's a wonderful idea. And I hope you are able to do it. I want to do it with you so for the first time I am going to follow a blog....yours. I have had many opportunities and many close friends keep blogs but I never felt the extreme desire to follow someone. But somehow I am compelled to go on this journey with you. So I am here. I will stay here all night with you and I will be here for you if you need. Just holler if you need anything. I will keep the light on (and the candle lit for Braden and McKenna)

  2. Wow Billie I feel honored that you want to follow my blog. Thank you.