Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Imagine for a Moment

Just imagine for a  moment you wake up one morning with your beautiful, healthy, full of life baby girl. The day goes on like it is supposed to. Then suddenly you make a decision that will change your life FOREVER. You turn a TV too far and it falls on your precious child. You pull your lifeless child from under this massive television knowing in your heart that she won't survive this.

                    Just imagine for a moment holding your beautiful baby girl with tubes coming out of every part of her body knowing these were the last moments you are going to hold your baby while her heart was still beating. Then the doctor coming in telling you " we have been watching her heart on the monitor and we think it has stopped, so I am going to check" she places the stethoscope on her tiny chest and looking you into your eyes with tears in her eyes saying "she's gone".

                                         Just imagine for a moment rocking your baby girl one last time singing to her telling her how sorry you are. Holding her cold hand in your hand not wanting to say goodbye but wanting to join her.

                                                          Just imagine for a moment walking out of a hospital without your child that you woke up with that morning. Going to bed not giving her, her bath, feeding her, her bottle, putting her in her crib kissing her good night. Not waking up the next morning to her talking baby talk in her crib but waking up to silence not wanting to wake up.

Its all unimaginable even written in words. So many mothers and fathers have had to experience their own story of holding their child knowing it was going to be the last time they will hold them, see them, kiss them. It is a life that no one would want to live. So Just imagine for a moment what it must be like for bereaved parents who don't have their children in their arms. Take a moment to mention their child/children names and remember them because we don't "move on" we "don't forget" we feel it everyday and we think of them EVERYDAY. You don't know what it would mean to us for someone to randomly mention their child's name. Love yours and cherish them because you never know if you wouldn't have to IMAGINE it and you would HAVE to LIVE it.

<3 Mckenna Jodell Fox <3