Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's that I hear....SENIOR year!!!!

Two years ago I walked into an advisors office at ASU to talk about where to begin the process of getting into ASU's Social Work Program. What classes I needed, what to do to get in, the path of when I will be taking each class and what semester. I looked at that and saw the year I will be finished with my BSW and thought to myself, that's so far away. Well I am now starting my senior year and in 9 short months I will offically be a social worker. I can't not explain in words how incredibly excited (bittersweet) and proud I am. When I walk across that stage in May I am going to be filled with such emotion, because it's not just a degree for me, my internship is not just an internship, its so much bigger than that. The blood, sweat and TEARS I have been through to get to this place in my life is a BIG deal. It is an acomplishment that last year I never thought I would achieve. I am so blessed to have people in my life that saw in my eyes the pain I so desperatly tried to hide, the pain that almost took my life. Those people pulled me out of my dark hole and believed in me enough to encourage me, be proud of me and help me see in myself what they saw/see in me. I am walking with my head a little higher, a smile on my face and a support system by my side (2, 4, 6, 8..........) ;-) .

 I have my motivation tattooed on my back and she is giving me more and more signs to show me she is by my side. I have an amazing daughter and I am proud to be her mother. Senior year HERE I COME!!!!  ;-)

I've been told this recently (You know who you are) ;-) M-bug. k.s.j.y thank you all <3